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Dream Careers Kick Off

The Dream Careers campus tour Trailblazers started their night off in Redwood City, California (30 min outside of San Francisco). 8 different Dream Careers Alumni from several different backgrounds came together to kick off Dream Careers on another level to campuses across the U.S.


Dream Careers Rock Star Tour Bus!


The Crew



The goal of Dream Careers is to place students in their internship of choice in 10 different cities including (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C, Chicago, Boston, London, Hong Kong, Barcelona and Costa Rica). Students get the opportunity to obtain internships globally that would normally be harder to have access to. The Dream Team has finally come together in order to promote and voice this global internship program on college campuses along the West Coast and the Southern half of the United States.


Each and every one of the 8 participants on this tour has had an amazing experience through the program. Their mission? To ensure that students get granted the same opportunities with Dream Careers!




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